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Puz Knows How

Puz™ Knows How was created in 2009 by educational and behavioral consultant and best-selling author, Maria Wheeler, M.Ed., BCBA, and executive producer Zack Wilson.  Their goal was to create a series of stories (both in print and on video) that would entertain and teach children on the autism spectrum social skills and general academic skills in a playful and interactive manner.

After developing the first three stories, Zack and Maria determined that the stories had an even wider appeal and proved beneficial to families, in general, with children ranging in age from birth to 8-years-old.  This inspired the idea of creating an animated, television version of Puz™ Knows How.

Puz Knows How supports children on the spectrum as well as their parents and teachers by providing instruction on a variety of skills including social skills, self-care skills, and academic skills using the following formats:

                            •             Television Animated Series

                            •             Educational Videos

                            •             e-Books and e-Comics

                            •             Interactive Learning Games & Mobile Applications

                            •             Articles & Printed Information

                            •             Webinars

In the pilot episode of the animated, television series, Puz™ Knows How To Use Nice Hands When I’m Mad©, Puz™ shows us how to make the friendly choice of using “nice hands” rather than hitting someone when we’re mad. We learn that it is important to stop, calm down, and evaluate the situation. Puz reminds us to first think about what to say or do in your head and decide if it is nice or if it will make people feel sad. Since we’re nice we always do the nice thing.

The pilot includes a Watch & Do with Puz educational short segment, titled Puz Knows How To Clean A Runny Nose. In this segment, Puz shows you how to keep your nose clean and dry every time it feels wet.  Puz teaches that a clean nose is important because it will help you and your friends stay healthy and happy.

Each episode includes similar segments that make learning basic academic and independence-building skills fun and entertaining.

We are currently working on an agreement that would get this program distributed and are actively looking for donors to help make this happen.

Zack Wilson
Cityburgh Studios & Entertainment, LLC
Puz™ Knows How

The views expressed in this paper are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the NLM Family Foundation.

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